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Laser technology has only recently been adapted for public use. Many military divisions have always used laser lighting during nighttime missions. Laser sights have also been used with long-ranged weapons due to the distance a laser light can be projected. However with the recent advancement in microelectronics anyone can purchase a high power green laser pointer. A laser point is capable of projecting a wide range light source or a small area. The size of the area is inversely proportional to the distance. With the option to adjust these settings, even campers will be able to find the ideal setting. ? Most 50mW green laser pointers are ideal for basic usage. The power output is powerful enough to illuminate a path at considerable distance. A 50mW green laser pointer will be priced at approximately 28 dollars or less. The price of the laser pointer will depend on the brand and region it is purchased in. The astronomy green laser pointer, which is a more powerful model, is used for specific purposes. The power rating of an astronomy green laser pointer lies within the range of 500-600mw and is 10 times the power of a standard green laser pointer. This powerful laser pointer is priced at 1200 dollars and upwards. It is crafted from high quality aluminum metal and utilizes a energy conserving battery which can allow usage of up to a month.? The power of the laser pointer makes it ideal for emphasis during presentations and lectures. It is bright enough to stand out in a lit room while being discrete enough not be obstructive. ? Laser pointers are made to be practical therefore the size and shape is made to be slim. A laser pointer weighs a fraction of the weight of any other torch or lighting source. It is small enough to be placed within a medium sized pocket. The high quality material used to create the laser pointer makes it durable. Most laser pointers come with a warranty that will ensure instant replacement if it is damaged or broken. The broken module must be handed over to obtain a newer model. A grip is generally installed with green laser pointers that are sold by a leading pioneer in laser technology. A high power green laser pointer is ideal for teachers, professors and outdoor enthusiasts. These handy lighting tools can be placed in a car or in a household incase of an emergency.