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Regardless of the circumstances, fans have always snapped up Dallas Cowboys tickets quickly. The team is one of the most "glamorous" in all of professional sports, and the 2006 season is providing several points of intrigue that are unlike any others the franchise has encountered in the recent past. We'll examine the reasons below why the Cowboys will be perhaps the most interesting team to watch as the schedule plays out, and there's no telling how things will turn out. Terrell Owens Yes, the intrigue starts with Owens. Basically, he's getting closer and closer to "meltdown" stage, and the entire country saw his latest tantrum on the sidelines during a loss to the Eagles. It's becoming clear that he was brought to the team by Jerry Jones and not Bill Parcells, and it's also becoming clear that Parcells wants nothing to do with Owens. Owens is a cancer, and his track record shows that when he decides he's not happy, he ruins his team. For points of reference, see the San Francisco 49ers and/or the Philadelphia Eagles. You know Owens is going to erupt, and the only questions that remain are when it will happen and how it will be handled. Bill Parcells Although he's never admitted it, it's beginning to look like this is the legendary coach's final season. Parcells is about as "old school" as a coach can get, which is why the match between the way he does things and the "cutting edge" Dallas Cowboys has always been an interesting sub-plot. Parcells is a coaching star, and his addition to the payroll by itself moved Dallas Cowboys tickets, but he's yet to really make his mark on the team. Granted, he inherited a mess, but he's led the team to one playoff game, and there's no guarantee they'll even qualify for the postseason this season. Drew Bledsoe Bledsoe is far from a legendary quarterback, but he's always been a good, sound signal caller, especially under Parcells, who drafted him in 1993. However, his age is starting to show, and his lack of mobility is even more defined now than it has been over the course of his career. He's been shaky at best so far this season, and it's quite clear that he is not holding up well in the face of a pass rush. He always had a tendency to throw interceptions when he was harassed in the pocket, but, like many other quarterbacks when they get older, he's getting a bit of an itchy trigger finger when he feels pressure. Bledsoe may not make it through the season as the starting quarterback, and if he does get benched, it'll be yet another intriguing sub-plot to witness. Jerry Jones Although Jones played a huge part in bringing the Cowboys back to prominence in the early 1990's, he also led to their downfall after his ego took over and he replaced Jimmy Johnson with Barry Switzer. The team fell to the bottom of the league after Jones got more directly involved with player personnel, and he appeared to have learned his lesson when he brought Parcells in and pledged to stay out of the way when it came to pure football matters. However, he seems to not be able to resist having his team in the headlines, which is exactly why he decided independently to bring Owens aboard without the apparent approval of Parcells. When Owens implodes, Bledsoe gets benched and Parcells reaches the end of his patience, it'll be very interesting to see how Jones deals with the mess when it's dumped in his lap. Overall, there's no more interesting team in the league to watch than the Cowboys, and it's a guarantee that Dallas Cowboys tickets will provide fans and observers alike with quite a show for the rest of the 2006 season. Learn about eating crab and cabbage facts at the Knowledge Bin website.