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The year 2005 witnessed a remarkable change in the acrid lives of thousands of African-American women. This dynamic lady with the lamp of change and reformation lit up eternity. The writer, director, producer and a playwright took the lead to open the closed doors of hearts and minds, to illuminate lives that had been living in gloom for generations. Wanda McKiver born amidst troubled souls, who sought solutions in violent behavior, wanted to change this. She wanted to fill the vacuous lives of the women who took rebuke and abuse like one takes bread and butter. She used her writing skills and her love for prose and poetry as a medium of communication. The fact that these issues of violence and molestation have been buried deep is something that perturbed her greatly. Ms McKiver has a writing style that fascinates all to the extent that the readers feel they are reading their own lives in her books. The Black Rose Diaries Published in 2005 was the first stepping stone for Wanda. The book was not only a signal for change but also marked the beginning of Ms McKiver's successful career as a writer and producer. There was no looking back for her. The book talks of usual topics in most unusual manner. Kudos to Ms McKiver! The lives of these women have been portrayed in such a fantastic way that the message rings loud and clear. Most women have been surviving the complexities of life, putting up with violence and hatred. Moreover, Ms McKiver has voiced the grief that most women bury deep in their hearts. Ms McKiver has successfully laid down the foundation and courage to fight social evils like inequality and molestation. Though such issues had long been resolved and abolished, they still exist. These women cry in hushed tones and hide their tears behind their smiles. The fate that these women have is suicide, though committed by their own free will, but reasoned by their tumultuous circumstances. This is the myth that Wanda McKiver challenges, disagreeing completely with the probability that women are weak and thus commit suicide. The most amazing thing about Ms McKiver and her writings is her proximity to life and people. It is people and people alone that inspire Ms McKiver. Their grief turns her down and their joys pep her up. Her characters thus undoubtedly succeed in making the readers smile and shed tears whenever they do so. Ms McKiver leaves no stone unturned to impress and fascinate her readers. She not only seeks to entertain and impress them. Her motive is to move the world and put it back in place, where principles of equality and common welfare rule. Her following publications like The Beautiful, The Meltdown and The Grandmas have had the same rippling effect. Thus, it is worthwhile to read and watch Ms McKiver in action and on her mission to ignite hearts and minds alike. For further information please log