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The ladies quartz watch is one of the most critical forms of jewelry on a woman's wrist. When purchasing a wrist watch it is important to consider the purpose of the watch. Daily d��cor requires a more durable watch, while eveningwear allows more delicate and expensive models. The most unique brand of quartz wrist watches is Actimer. Actimer is known for creating awe-inspiring designs in ladies quartz watch models. Utilizing simple belts created from leather and emphasizing on patterns, it is possible to create watches that can truly standout even when compared with more expensive brands. Rope straps are popular for daily use and are extremely affordable. The leather rope is simply tied securely to the rest of the watch. This allows comfort due to the loose fitting design of the wrist watch. Analog displays come in a variety of different shapes. The standard shapes are oval, rectangular and square. Oval shaped displays are common among ladies as it does not occupy much of the wrist and allows more room for strap designs and patterns. The circular models are used for men's quartz watches and are associated with ancient pocket watch designs. Quartz wrist watches are also known to come in unisex models. These models are extremely simple in design and purely made for functionality. Crystal design watches are unique and rare. This design is implemented by embedding small crystal structures within the transparent casing. This allows symbols and other meaningful patterns to be embedded into the wrist watch facet. The ladies quartz watch stresses solely on being an accurate time measures and design pieces. Quartz is an extremely accurate way to map time. Not only does it allow to create small frames it is also far more accurate in comparison to the alternative, which is wind up wrist watches. These two systems are currently the only mechanisms that allow small wrist watches to be created. Therefore many brands have abandoned the use of wind up models and utilize quartz. However wind up models are still available for a low price. Many expensive quartz wrist watch models are created from high tensile strength material and are attached to a lifetime warranty and service. Quartz watches are an ideal gift for women. Couple watches can be perfect for anniversaries or as a wedding gift. There is variety of models available and different prices. A wrist watch is the perfect gift for business professionals and even children.