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The Wildebeest migration is an event that happens yearly in Kenya and Tanzania. This is as a result of food shortage in the two regions. The Serengeti plains are where it all starts. During the months of January to March, food is in plenty on this side of the plains. The animals have enough. This is also the time they also give birth. After April, food starts to deplete. This is as a result of the decreased rainfall levels. This is the time the great wildebeest migration starts. The animals start moving towards the Masai Mara where food is still in plenty. These animals also have to take a lot of water daily therefore they cannot stay in dry areas. The great wildebeest migration is made up of about 2 million wildebeests, zebras and gazelles. This is a site no one should miss as the vast numbers roam freely in the grasslands. Predators too are on the look out and it is a time to get good meals at no extra cost as they prey on the weak, young and old. As they get to the Mara River, most are weak, famished and very thirsty. The site of green pastures on the other side of the river causes an excitement that makes the animals rush to cross the river. The stampede causes the loss of some, while those that cannot fight the great river current are drowned. This is the climax of the great wild beast migration. Gigantic Nile crocodiles are also waiting in the waters to pounce on any wildebeest they can. On the shores, predators such as lions, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards are waiting to drag those that are weak from the waters near the shore. This is a great and exciting movie unfolding in front of you. The great wild beast migration has been termed as the seventh wonder of the new world. Best Value for Money: We are the cr��me de la cr��me amongst East Africa's Tour Operators and Travel Agents, yet not your average safari company. Right Choice Safaris is your one stop source for tours across this vast safari destination combining the best accommodation facilities with world-class safari itineraries. Visit for more info.