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Multiple domain hosting is a type of hosting in which one buys an online space for his websites, and his space serves as primary domain. With this the buyers are enabled to add other websites to the same domain. This process greatly decreases the overall cost on maintaining various websites. E-commerce is a process of purchasing and selling various products online which is gaining a lot of popularity these days because of its great convenience and effectiveness. There are so many advantages associated with multiple domains hosting in E-commerce. Some of them are given as follows: Adding variety to your websites, Realizing the characteristics of the multiple domain hosting, Business facilities, Low cost Ease in maintaining and managing, Individuality of domains Websites of various kinds By adding some variety to your website, you actually increase the chances of earning an increasing income, since it elevates the marketing. The desired audiences are targeted; therefore, it's important to have various websites to make your stuff optimized for the search engines. Various web hosting plans offer much more domain hosting space. As every internet site that you add, puts a load on the main server therefore; it's preferable to still get to know about the details of the package. From business point of view one can add various niches, and thereby diversifying their website. In case, if you are planning to make sales via your website, you might need to ensure that it's capable of hosting a wildcard SSL certificate. The low cost is among top of the list of benefits. As it puts the cost of hosting various websites under one single package, and thereby decreasing the overall cost to a great extent hence, proving cost-effectiveness. It's pretty handy to maintain and handle this domain, since a single individual can enjoy a control over all different types of domains, just by one account. The flexibility is that it provides various managers of different domains to control them via different accounts. Since web hosting offers a lot of space therefore, one can mange websites of different types from one single domain In order to find out more on Multiple Web Hosting and similar website and webmaster related guides, check out Hosting Rank.