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Many Alberta residents recognize the importance of owning a house. Owning a house means acquiring a prime investment that could be mortgaged or sold when needed. The big problem, however, is how getting a mortgage loan to purchase a house. Many Alberta homebuyers can't afford to make full, up-front payments for the homes they want. If you find yourself in the same dilemma, consult with a house broker. Getting a broker can help you easily get the loan you want at the best rates available. The broker is also likely to tell you to avoid doing the following. File away carelessly Placing all pertinent documents in one area doesn't constitute effective filing, unless you have everything sorted out. Forgetting to file your paperwork properly doesn't help at all, especially when your mortgage broker asks for particular documents. If possible, label your files according to categories so you won't have to scramble around looking for documents once you're asked to provide these. Forget to get a copy of your credit score Many brokers for Alberta home mortgages advise borrowers to check their credit score to verify the information stated in the report. Getting the report months ahead of time is more advisable, since this gives you enough leeway to ask for corrections if needed. Overlooking this aspect could mean instant loan rejection because many loan companies base mortgage loan approval on credit reports. Fail to pay your bills on time Once you submit yourself to a credit check, the loan company looks at your payment patterns. Failure to pay your bills on time during the credit check period is enough to get you in hot water. Many Alberta mortgage brokers strongly suggest tracking all your bill payments and making the payments on or before the specified due dates. To avoid mistakes, sign up for services that automatically debit bills from your bank account. Apply for other loans Applying for credit cards, personal loans and unsecured financing are surefire ways to get your loan rejected. Many Alberta mortgage brokers recommend refraining from applying for other loans while your mortgage loan is pending approval. Doing this helps advance your current application, as the mortgage company sees you as financially responsible.