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Thin and lightweight glasses undoubtedly are a more common alternative other than thick and also heavy ones. They're not only more comfortable, but additionally look more elegant and also attractive. Most people which need glasses are short sighted, and also have to have lenses which often you'll find are concave and also wider at the actual edges, which will do in many instances impact typically the style of specific frames. Refraction relates to typically the bending of light when it shines via any sort of concave or convex lens. It is primarily the actual bending of light which modifies eye-sight. Typically the more robust your prescription, typically the more refraction is needed to enable perfected eye-sight. High index lenses are manufactured using a top quality material which bends light effectively and also accurately, permitting opticians to offer glasses with less almost all lens materials. Two of the actual principal features of high index lenses are which they may be both equally slimmer and also less heavy. A thinner, less heavy lens is the lot much more comfortable and also distorts your eye-sight less when compared to any heavy and thick lens. Typically the performance of light bending, called typically the index of refraction, defines the types of high index lenses. Whenever typically the refractive index of the actual lens is extremely high, then your lens can be really thin. A high index lens is characterized by just about any lens with any sort of higher refractive index when compared to the glass or plastic lens of the identical prescription. Also, a lens with a extremely high refraction index could be as up to 50% thinner in comparison to typically the glass or plastic lens of typically the same refraction index. Generally, high index lenses can be used to find the actual incredibly powerful prescriptions. It is usually important to cover high index lenses within just about any non - refractive covering. High index lenses are specially prone to reflecting light which often may be incredibly annoying, especially to motorists. By using an anti - - refractive covering you enhance your personal safety and allow to obtain more clear eye-sight.