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The people's saying That the phrase used to, generally called slang, in fact, is saying. China's long history and evolution of civilization, from the ordinary people saying very clearly displayed. These words are from ordinary people's daily life experiences come to appreciate, with the common people feel, will be unanimously passed down. Although there are common saying, but the meaning of these words is not only a deep, simple language, popular, and there are certain artistic process to make it easy to remember, it easy to spread. Commonly used rhyming sentences, such as "end of the bowl people, by the people control"; "a master-door, self-cultivation in each." The easiest analogy, so the most used. Such as the drag is also old to recover from work, called: "fits and starts network", things not to be too cost-saving plans, called: "Province of the salt, sour sauce; save firewood cool kang to sleep." Its not going to accuse others defective, called: "Do not say bald monk, escaped the same hat." You have to seize the opportunity to call out: "First to the meat, then the soup"; "finish the matter before and after eating a bowl of income." Many of these parable, one will understand, such as "Let each one sweep the snow off for other children on the cream," "flowers with syphilis with Liu, dustpan with broom." Between men and women of ancient times is a give and accept strict rules do not pro, not free exchanges. Young people get married, have to rely on parents to enrich people. Therefore there is a woman "marry a chicken with the chicken, marry a dog as a dog, marry a shoulder pole to go," the saying goes. This is the general population if homely, both popular and interesting. As I have said several times, social development, civilization and evolution, will produce the syntax of humor. See those cited above analogy, it is interesting, especially the ironic words, the more humorous. Such as: "a pull to know what you gotta feces." Refers to the sycophant who said: "Milk is the mother." "To Threepenny, he can sell my father!" Said unreasonable people is: "a dog, who bites who arrest," said bully people is: "Crackdown sheep are heroes, heroes Crackdown a sheep. " There are many world states only human, both in the popular folk saying in the right and interesting, such as "Do not take improper fairy land God", refers to the ordinary people should not be taken lightly. "Do not sell knock bang shiny" refers to words without real meaning. "The couple do not fight to persuade, to lay down the table to eat" and "husband and wife no overnight revenge," another way of saying, for no reason, lively, and also much more interesting, listening to feel the beauty of humor. Language, art, is the inevitable trend of the evolution of civilization. Beijing Xi'an China Lane to hold regional history and culture exhibition Beijing Xi'an China Lane area history and culture exhibition held recently in the neighborhood committee, the exhibition area of 160 square meters. Visitors not only local residents, as well as foreign workers and foreigners. Xi'an China Lane Community area of 28 square meters, the population of 10,543 people, residents in 3453. Here is the old Beijing Financial Street, China's first government-run Bank of the Ministry of banks in August 1905 in West Lane offered to pay people. Here is the Beijing Power Supply Bureau, the water company and the birthplace of a founder of Sun Yat-sen and other Chinese universities Revolution fathers, have died as a martyr memorial Dazhao revolutionary pioneer, but also Beijing's Great Hall and the National Grand Theatre is located. Exhibition by the Beijing Municipal Archives Research Center, West District Archives, West Chang'an Street sponsored by the Office of Civil Affairs Museum archives contractors. This is the beginning of 2001 Paul Yonekura alley, the total cloth alley, the Foreign Ministry Street, Chong past and present within the community after the fifth exhibition alley exhibition. Currently, the Historical Archives in Beijing Hutong, mining and utilization of the order have been included in the planning project of Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences. According to reports, the project will use resources and archives communities, starting from the alley, excavation and rescue people in the raw data, using computer technology to build large-scale multimedia databases, storage, each lane of the information for historical research services for the community building services, services for new Beijing New Olympics. The purpose of this project is to research archives closely integrated with social practice, to open the file from the social services, community channels, to promote the memory of Beijing city to carry out the project, to better fulfill the social responsibility of archives. Around the exhibits on display will be held during the series of academic and cultural activities. Such as the 28th of this month will be on display at the National Drama Association of the forum, inviting people to pay West Lane Community Opera team, opera celebrity offspring, opera expert, the National Opera Institute Museum for the topic of discussion with the Peking Opera Peking Opera community heritage. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit beijing travel for details. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please check beijing tour for details.